Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practice
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Project aims to contibute to integration of the digital component within the learning and teaching processes at university level through developing of a Master programme Social Media Manager, which will be authorised at national level in every participant country and through a common IT platform. The main element on which the project is focused is development of an innovative approach in order to engage target groups, providing more attractive education programme, in accordance with the new generation needs and expectations. EU Agenda for Modernization of the Higher Education envisaged, among other, raising the number of university graduates, improving the quality and relevance of university education, strengthening the ”knowledge triangle”.

In this context, the project is based on an integrated approach, which means 3 elements: education, research and business. In this respect, the project envisaged the development of a Master programme - Social media manager -, starting from the employers needs assesment analysis and building an IT on-line learning platform supporting the programme. In this respect, the platform will lead to on-line development of educational resources, which will be more flexible that will be updated by the universities, offering in this way support for educational practice in blended system. The Master programme curricula development will be based also on a research of the on-line environment that will reflect the trends and perspectives, and adequate tools that can be used.
In terms of project impact, will be followed the involvement of the reasearch institutes in developing professional master programmes together with business organisations and also improving the university offers with master programmes that prepare students in needed professions on the labour market.




Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practice. Strategic partnership for higher education

Danubius University

Through research development and innovation we want to contribute to knowledge extension and services providing for global community.

Las Palmas University

Having over 1600 teachers and 24.000 students, ULPGC represents an important cultural and geographical link between Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Tibiscus University

Tibiscus University aims to launch new research and development lines in law field with implications on using new technologies.

Napoli University

Napoli University (SUN) promotes the training component of education, offering support services for students in academic career.

Legalitc Association

Legalitc has as main aim promotion and development of law, culture and information society, fundamental human rights in realtion with technological development


Project phases: Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring, Follow-up
F1/Activity 1/Project Management

1. Technical and financial Management and ensuring objectives accomplishment within the project implementation period and budget 2. Organising the 2 transnational meetings of the project team and the on-line meetings 3. Elaboration of the project implementation plan 4. Elaboration of the progress reports for the Erasmus+ Agency 5. Colecting and archiving the project documents and ensuring their sharing with the project partners 6. Elaboration of an evaluation plan (considering also the quality ensurance), evaluation questionnaires, etc. 7. Ensuring and monitoring the quality of the project documentation, providing indicators for milestones. 8. Colecting and analysing the fedback from the project partners;

F2/Activity 2/Elaboration of the curricula for the Social media manager master programme

1. Elaboration of the 3 needs assesments analysis of the employers from Romania, Spain and Italy 2. 2-days workshop with teachers, researchers, technicians and administrative personnel of the partners for defining the general framework of the methodology for elaboration of the curricula for Social media manager master programme 3. Elaboration of the curricula methodology for Social media manager master programme 4. 14 days Training at the UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA Spain on curricula development 5. Elaboration of the curricula for Social media manager master programme 6. Elaboration of the guidelines for implementing the Social media manager master programme;

F2/Activity 3/Developing the IT platform

1. Analysing the necessary information provided by the project experts for designing the IT platform 2. Defining, design and programming the IT platform within a 5-days training session organised at the University UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA Spain 3. Testing the IT platform by the project partners 4. Evaluation and redesign the IT platform based on partners feedback within a 5-days training session organised at the Second University of Naples - Italy;

F2/Activity 4/Achievement of the accreditation procedures

1. Elaboration of the specific documents and procedures at national level for accreditation of the Social media manager master programme at the level of 4 partners universities; 2. Implementing the Social media manager master programme within the partners universities;

F2/Activity 5/Dissemination

1. Elaboration of a dissemination strategy and plan for every partner 2. Defining the monitoring indicators of the dissemination activities impact 3. Publishing newsletters twice a year, leaflets, project website (as part of the IT platform) 4. Elaboration of a plan for creating web presence through social media and project IT platform 5. Promotion of the project benefits and results through partners networks 6. Contacting professional organisations, public authorities and decision-makers, in order to disseminate information about the project 8. Organising 3 dissemination events in Romania, Spain and Italy;


 1. Elaboration of the follow-up plan for ensuring project results transfer to other universities/organisations/institutions 2. Implementing the plan: identifying potentials stakeholders, etc. 3. Identifying opportunities for sustainable follow-up. 






Researchers and teachers


Employers associations


Curriculum Modules


Implementation Days
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Educational package contains: curricula and guidelines for implementing the master programme .
Educational package master programme Social Media Manager
Analysis of the employers needs made as a result of the workshops organised with participation of the employers representatives from Romania, Spain and Italy.
Analysis of the employers needs–
IT Platform will be developed within the project for supporting the partnership, facilitating the communication and monitoring the project implementation, and the master programme implementation.
IT Platform
Accreditation documentation of the master programme will be elaborated within the participants universities, in accordance with the regulations.
Accreditation documentation of the master programme
Elaboration of the curricula methodology for the Social Media Manager master programme. Curricula methodology for the Social Media Manager master programme


Department for Research and programme development coordinates the activity of elaboration of the programme modules and their updating. The Department for Excelence in training of the teachers ensures selection and continuos training of the Teachers Body and the elaboration of the curriculum. Department for Entrepreneurship and Business Development correlates the theoretical information with the free market needs and develops partenerhsips for practical training of the students. Department for curricual expertise ensures the correlation between the content of the teaching modules and involved fields requirements.



LITC is based on the need for mass information and using of the current tehnologies. The project is designed to meet the current needs of the labour market and social economy. The programme quality and control are guaranteed by the involvement of the university and academic areas.



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